The Real Florentine Steak

le residenze a firenze bistecca alla fiorentina

about 3 hours


italian, english

Minimum number

2 Guests




Mon to Tue April to July

Our guests during their vacation in Florence always ask us for advice on where to eat a Florentine steak. Although we can show them great places to find it in Florence, it will never be like the one we eat at home.

The difference lies in the passion used during preparation, the smell of the embers, the glass of wine while you chat, the quality of the meat.

You will be our guests. Together we will spend a beautiful afternoon in our field equipped with all the comforts where you can cook and enjoy your creations. Our trusted butcher will show you how to cut the real Florentine Chianina steak and how to cook it on the grill.
Our pride in the kitchen!

A wonderful experience to do even when you travel with family.


  • Appetizers of Hand carved Tuscan cured meats 
  • Fresh homemade pici you prepare
  • Steak and beans cooked  in  a traditional flask
  • Wine


To facilitate easy and flexible transportation your Private Driver will  accompany you throughout the day.

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