Barrier free tourism

Accessible tourism is possible. Residenza de Boni in Florence is equipped for a vacation accessible to all.

Handy Superabile is an Onlus (non-profit) association committed to Accessible Tourism. The goal is to improve the accessibility of tourist services in Italy and abroad, and offers validated information to travelers with special needs: motor and sensory disabilities, elderly people and families with children. 

Handy Superabile collaborates with public institutions and tour operators to develop paths of autonomy and social integration for people with disabilities, in all sectors, including accessible tourism.

Residenza de Boni in 2019 has been verified by Handy Superabile which compiled an  informative report based on data certified by experts and published on the association’s website.

Handy Superable and us have the same goal: that every individual with disabilities must be able to plan their vacations with the utmost security and tranquility and travel without barriers in the knowledge of the services they will find.

For our guests with special needs we are selecting specific activities that they can do in Florence to fully enjoy their vacations for a accessible tourism. In our blog you will also find all the information about the accessible museum routes in Florence and here you will find a guidebook with detailed info about certified accessibility.

We are really proud to be part of the circuit of facilities and to have obtained this certification and the trust of such an important association.

We believe in TOURISM FOR ALL.


It is accessible by two steps of 9 and 8 cm, overcome by a removable ramp 100 cm long and 77 cm wide.


Elevator with call button at 113 cm height. Cabin door with useful width 80 cm; cabin width and depth 130x94 cm. Braille and embossed keyboard with the highest key placed at 140 cm from the ground.


Guests in wheelchairs can reach all the dishes and accessories. The kitchen is equipped with an oven, dishwasher, fridge with freezer, microwave oven, kettle, coffee machine and cooking utensils.


There are upholstered chairs and comfortable sofas, where you can relax watching TV. The residence is fully equipped with towels for each guest, washer-dryer and iron.


Room with toilets for disabled people and accessible on the floor through an external sliding door and a 75 cm wide entrance door that can be opened towards the inside. Double bed 50 cm high, with lateral space to the left over 100 cm and to the right 55 cm. Closet with doors with coat rack at a height of 195 cm from the floor. Desk with free floor space below of 74 cm. Environmental temperature control operated by remote control.


Toilet 40 cm high with seat without frontal tooth, but equipped with 10 cm rise and support handle and flexible shower on the left side. Shower enclosure 76 cm deep and 153 cm wide with 10 cm step that can be overcome by a removable ramp. Shower opening 130 cm with folding walls. The shower is equipped with a comfortable folding chair. Washbasin 80 cm high and mirror placed at a minimum height of 126 cm.


Making you relax on holiday is one of our priorities: many of our activities are accessible to everyone, and we are also selecting activities designed exclusively for guests with special needs.

le residenze a firenze autista privato

Private driver

Getting around Florence may not be so difficult if you book a private car equipped for guests in wheelchairs

Accessible Florence

Visiting Florence, knowing to travel consciously. Museums, gardens, places, historic palaces accessible in Florence