4 ideas to travel with the family

viaggiare con la famiglia

Travel with the family in Florence is possible. There are many opportunities to entertain even the youngest: museums, gardens, tours, trekking.

Today we want to give you some ideas for traveling with the family because it is not true that a historic city like Florence cannot offer experiences suitable for the whole family.
Here are some ideas.

4 ideas for traveling with the family

  1. The gardens of Florence :

    Travel with the family and enjoy the Green. A beautiful garden can be a good opportunity to relax all together. Although at first sight Florence looks like a city of briks, inside its walls there are many hidden gardens. If we could see the city from above we could discover the green spaces that are hidden among the Renaissance streets.

  2. Museums

    Who says that museums are only for adults and can’t be a fantastic opportunity to travel with the family? Not considering all the museum itineraries created especially for the little ones that fascinate even the older ones, (the hidden museum routes of Palazzo Vecchio for example, or visits to the Uffizi for families), Florence offers us some of the most beautiful museums to share during your family vacation. The Stibbert Museum: an incredible collection of armor and weapons that will enchant your children and certainly you too! The Specola with the largest collection of eighteenth-century anatomical waxes and the zoological collection. The Museum of Geology and Paleontology will take you on an exciting journey back in time through the seabed to the giant mammals to learn about the evolution of the species. The Leonardo Museum in Vinci: anyone, young or old, will be fascinated by the incredible inventions of Leonardo da Vinci. The Galileo Galilei museum with its Medici collection of scientific instruments and the original instruments used by Galileo Galilei. The Science and Technology Foundation Museum in Florence a collection of instruments for the study and teaching of physics. The museum also includes the Florence Planetarium, an incredible experience for astronomy enthusiasts.

  3. Tour of Florence:

    For those who want to travel with the family, don’t forget the Florence tours. Florence and its history can be told in a thousand fun and instructive ways such as a treasure hunt. For the guests in one of our Residences we have planned some tours suitable for children to discover the history of Florence in the company of an official guide of Florence.

    A. Travel with family: tales and tastings
    B. Visit florence with children: treasure hunt

  4. Trekking:

    A beautiful walk in the hills of Florence, a unique moment and an unforgettable experience for those who love to travel with the family. Breathe good air, immerse yourself in the colors, and spend time all together. All this with a specialized guide who will safely accompanied you on routes suitable for everyone. Here are some tours designed specifically for the guests of our accommodations
    A. Traveling with the family: trekking on the Elsa river
    B. Pratolino and Villa Demidof: vacations with the family
    C. Family vacation: Vinci and the Museo Leonardiano

What are you waiting for booking a family-friendly vacation!
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