Special occasion

Tramonto Firenze. Sullo sfondo ponte Vecchio. in primo piano la barchetta sul fiume Arno

If just thinking about a vacation to Florence does not make you imagine how special this city can be then we certainly might show you an experience that will surely turn your trip to Florence into a special occasion

A trip to Florence that can become a special occasion

If history, colors, art, monuments, historic buildings, loggias, bridges, sculptures, promenades, gardens, contours and the magical atmosphere – which in Florence surprises you as soon as you arrive – would already be excellent allies of your special occasion, why not try to enjoy all this on the banks of the river that inspired songs, sonnets and poems.

A completely new perspective, a view that will leave you breathless.
A journey on the Arno’s rivers aboard a small boat.
You will glide over the millennial waters of the Renaissance city as your guide entertains you with stories and anecdotes of a city that cannot fail to enchant you.

And if you think that this beautiful experience can only be fully enjoyed by the ones who choose Florence as a special occasion destination, you may be wrong. The trip on the waters of the Arno River is also perfect for who decide to travel with family, friends or those who like to enjoy this wonderful city alone: Florence

Special occasion, vacation with family, friends or if you love to travel alone.

Would you like to see the Uffizi, the Ponte Vecchio, the Vasari Corridor, medieval towers, and historic buildings from a completely different perspective?   Check in advance the dates when you can enjoy the Arno river crossing and choose where to stay looking forward to your boat ride. 

A room for a special occasion or a lonely vacation , an apartment for your family vacation or with friends.
Choose the right accommodation for your vacation in Florence.